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It has always been a goal of COOPERATIONS to support people and places in realizing their full potential. The job training programmes provided by the Centre de propédeutique professionnelle (CPP) have therefore been designed in line with the notion that every person possesses individual resources and potentials, which need to be identified and supported. The sensitive and careful use of feedback enables young people with learning disabilities to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to best position themselves in the job market.

Job training programmes with COOPERATIONS’ Centre de propédeutique professionnelle (CPP) continue for a maximum of three years. The target group are young people with a learning disability and of a minimum age of 16 years, who have completed their school education and are in need of professional orientation. In the course of the three-year training the participants are introduced to the various fields of activity of COOPERATIONS (catering, gardening,...) and are able to gain on-the-job experience for the first time. The training improves the participants’ chances of obtaining regular employment with COOPERATIONS or another business, and helps them develop a positive attitude to work.

The CPP provides to its participants daily practice-oriented training, thus supporting them in:

  1. their professional orientation;
  2. their first encounter with professional life;
  3. their personality development;
  4. expanding their social network;
  5. getting access to the job market.

The trainers are a team of professionals qualified in COOPERATIONS’ respective fields of activity.

In providing assistance/support to the young participants, the CPP is guided by the following principles:

  1. every person possesses individual resources and potentials;
  2. the potentials are recognized and developed;
  3. the participants are supported in their personality development;
  4. feedback is given in line with the principles of “reflected feedback”;
  5. achievements and moments of joy are appreciated.
Frank Meiers/COOPERATIONS S.C. Foto zeigt Bedienung im Restaurant Eis Kichen
Frank Meiers/COOPERATIONS S.C. Foto zeigt gedeckten Tisch im Restaurant Eis Kichen
Frank Meiers/COOPERATIONS S.C. Foto zeigt zwei Auszubildende in der Küche des Restaurants Eis Kichen
Frank Meiers/COOPERATIONS S.C. Foto zeigt einen Teller, der gerade für einen Gast hergerichtet wird.