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Centre Loisirs

Programm - Leisure offer 'um Tour' - August 2024
Creative Workspace - July 2024
Programm - Leisure offer 'um Tour' - July 2024

You feel like enjoying the sunshine, some good music, or explore some exotic culinary delicacies? The Centre Loisirs team accompany people with disabilities in their leisure time – in the evenings, on weekends, on holidays. The programme is designed especially for people who live independently, but everyone is welcome to join, whether they live at home with their parents or in an assisted living facility.

The activities are planned together, and the main goal is to just have good time and relax, forget one’s everyday problems, and keep loneliness at bay. Here are some examples of activities covered by the programme:

  • going shopping
  • going to a restaurant or café
  • cooking a meal or having a barbecue
  • visiting a leisure park or a zoo
  • going to concerts
  • making excursions
  • going for a hike or a swim
  • going on holiday together

The members of the Centre Loisirs team also gladly accept the participants’ individual wishes, proposals and suggestions. Detailed information about the programme is made available in the monthly Centre Loisirs news journal.

People with disabilities are artists too, be it in theatre, film, on the catwalk or in the art studio. That is why the Centre Loisirs has founded an INCLUSIVE ARTISTS' AGENCY. The aim is for professional artists and producers from Luxembourg to get to know each other and work together.

The Creative Workspace is a laboratory
where you can discover abilities
like imagination and creativity.
The creative process taking place in the Workspace
encourages you to meet the unknown with curiosity –
and creates the prerequisites for developing something new

The Creative Workspace project was initiated by COOPERATIONS Asbl in the early 1990s. The recreational programme includes art workshops of different durations, designed predominantly for people with disabilities.

Artists from Luxembourg and other countries hold the workshops and support their students. Participants are encouraged to explore their creativity, both individually and collectively, through colours, sounds, rhythm, motion and language. A variety of different materials are used in the art projects; the genres include theatre, computer art, painting, building objects, and installations.

Participants are able to experiment with different materials and tools independently and creatively, and therefore to develop individual preferences and enjoy the creative process in a way that helps them relieve the tension of everyday life. The artists holding the workshops adapt the format to the personal and creative requirements of the participants.

In addition to the artistic work in the workshops, the Creative Workspace also includes outings and sports and leisure activities in the evenings. The Creative Workspace programme does not adopt a therapeutic approach.

COOPERATIONS Asbl Foto vom Centre Loisirs_auf dem Bild sind zahlreiche Menschen in einer Konzerthalle zu sehen
COOPERATIONS Asbl Foto vom Centre Loisirs_auf dem Bild sind zwei Personen zu sehen, die mit den Füßen im Wasser stehen
COOPERATIONS Asbl Foto vom Centre Loisirs_auf dem Bild ist eine auf der Kegelbahn spielende Person zu sehen
COOPERATIONS Asbl Foto vom Centre Loisirs_auf dem Foto sind Menschen zu sehen, die an einer Wanderung teilnehmen